Truly Personal Gift Giving, For Creatives

Truly Personal Gift Giving, For Creatives

I'm not much of a buyer... certainly not an impulsive one! I tend to buy with purpose and expect things to last forever! With so many mass produced items available for quick purchase, I think many others are rejecting the soul-less "quick purchases" too.

Last year I really wanted to offer gifts that are "truly personal". My products have always had aspects of either upcycling or personalisation - I'm always amazed by the pure poetry I get asked to engrave on my four-sided bracelets and the secret message necklaces; but how about where the buyer has even more of a hand in "designing" their product?

I'd started with my "custom artwork" tie bars which had been an immediate hit. 

Sterling silver custom artwork tie clip

I've put a variety of designs on these tie bars - from sketches of pet cats to an anatomical eye for an optician!

So last year, I followed on with Custom Artwork Cuff Links (where you get to choose shape, alignment, finish and metal) and Handwriting Tie Bars. I've just introduced Handwriting Necklaces and Handwriting Cuff Links:


Sterling silver custom handwriting necklace

I'm amazed by the creativity I'm asked to make into these products - from kid's drawings, characters for games designers, to small business logos, and of course special bits of writing from loved ones who had passed. 

The idea with these is that the buyer can send me a "quick snap" of any writing, sketch or artwork (a photo taken on a smart phone is good enough). After purchase, in the case of artwork, I also send a digital proof (mock-up) to approve before making the final product. 

So are there other products you'd love to see your artwork or handwriting on? I'd love to know as I expand on this range. 

Also, if you're a newsletter subscriber (subscribe here:, I'm offering a free mock-up for subscribers only. So if you have a design/drawing/sketch you want to see on one of the products I offer BEFORE YOU PURCHASE (I normally only do mock-ups after purchase), e-mail it to me by replying to any of my newsletters and I'll send you a digital mock-up for the product of your choice. Then you can decide whether you want to go ahead or not. 

Finally, this customer wanted her drawing of her pet bunnies for her fiance to walk down the isle with! Too cute not to share!

Cute bunnies

Custom engraving of customer's cute bunnies for her fiance


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