Many of my pieces are made from old and unwanted found objects. My line of Steampunk jewellery began with a pile of old watch and clock parts which got caught in the 2004 Tsunami, courtesy of my Dad. He owns a shop in southern Sri Lanka which was badly damaged... Beautiful pieces of history from a tragedy.

I offer an extensive range of personalised accessories for men. These started with a pair of personalised cuff links I made as a surprise for my husband-to-be on our wedding day several years ago. There are now several designs online, along with matching tie bars and other accessories.

I love it when I can turn the unusual or simple into elegant, functional and most importantly, personal, keepsakes.

Each piece here is unique, and my product lines are transient, like my name, Chanchala, which means ‘ever changing’.

Chanchala in her art studio

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