I like the quiet that happens when I’m in creative flow.

My line of Steampunk jewellery began with a pile of old watch & clock parts which got caught in the 2004 tsunami, courtesy of my Dad. He owns a shop in southern Sri Lanka which was badly damaged... Beautiful pieces of history.

I also offer an extensive range of personalised accessories, all available in recycled Sterling silver. I love it when I can turn the unusual or simple into elegant, functional, & most importantly, personal, keepsakes.

I find painting complementary & contrasting in process to metalwork. With the jewellery, I feel the need for a steady hand & fine precision. Painting allows me to let loose and play. It also satisfies my yearning for colour which is difficult to achieve in metalwork.

The semi-abstracted landscapes started with my yearning for open spaces & nature during the Covid lockdowns when I felt trapped in a concrete cityscape. They continue to inspire my work, & my yearning for open land & spaces only appears to grow with passing time. The florals and abstracts are simply manifestations of my lasting obsession with colour.


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41 Buckingham Road
United Kingdom