The Art of Self Isolating

The Art of Self Isolating

We can all agree that the world stopped in its tracks a couple of weeks ago starting with varying degrees of intensity for all of us around the world. Hopefully we all get back to normal soon-ish. In the meantime, it’s given me time to just stop and think. I’m of course in the privileged position that I can do this without worrying excessively.

While “how to work from home” was trending, all of us obsessive “makers”, “crafters” and “artists”, especially those of us that make our income ‘obsessing’ full time, realised that our normal appears to be what the rest of you call “self-isolation” 😊. Ok, I do go out of the Studio at weekends to drool over the succulents in the plant shops in Brighton’s North Laines (@spiderplantshop, when can I come ogle your plants again?!), and of course if you follow me on social media you know I post more photos of cakes from the independent cafes and bakeries in Brighton than things I make.

Cacti and Succulents at SpiderPlantShop in Brighton's North Laines@spiderplantshop are doing free local deliveries in Brighton if you need more ‘green’ in your home

But mostly, I’m happily pottering away in my Studio. Problem is, this is entirely spent making orders (thank you for the many orders over the many years! 🙏), & there is little time for play. So with wedding season postponed (to when, do we know?) and my usual crazy Spring season quiet (this is an understatement; it is dead), I’m looking at a list of things I’ve always wanted to do and never found the time to:

  • Try out acrylic painting
  • Improve watercolour painting (that should really say “learn”)
  • Learn how to keep my plants alive (the more I love them, the more they struggle for survival)
  • Learn to use Blender and/or Inkscake
  • Design new products (I have at least 10 different lists of ideas for new stuff!)
  • Try out Procreate
  • Reading list (I’m an obsessive reader so not allowed to start a book unless on holiday; I will not get any sleep!)
  • Edits to the website and photos (much needed)
  • More social media (does this blog post count?!)
  • Re-design the bathroom (does one need to sit in the baths to do that?)
  • Try out YouTube yoga (as suggested by numerous people!)
  • etc….
  • etc….

    Painting and Art Space ready for #stayhome

    The Art Space I set up at home for my Dad while he was visiting the UK last year - he loves his arts & crafts (well OK this was a bribe to get him to come stay with us!)

    My only issue appears to be getting the list down to a manageable few. For the last couple of weeks, I enjoyed long tea times, battled with the dust balls in the house (they are winning), and had long video chats with my folks (they are under curfew in Sri Lanka - a whole different problem!). Someone somewhere said “if we end up under social distancing rules for several months, what will you wish you did with your time at the end of it?”. So I wanted to make this time count.

    I too am anxious about the whole situation and in what form we all come out at the end of this. However, the #stayhome part at least is going to be easy. I’d love to know how you plan to spend your ‘at home’ free time too. I realise of course that a brave few of you will be frontline and key workers and will be busier than ever, and that many are busy working from home. Plus, the exceptionally brave are home-schooling their kids! 😬

    Right now, I feel lucky. To have so many interests and hobbies and a little time and space to explore some new ones. And now I’ve written this post, I bet sometime down the line some of you will be asking me what I did! So I better get on…


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