New(-ish) Jewellery Studio

New(-ish) Jewellery Studio

So it's been 1 year in the new Studio and these are the first proper photos I'm sharing! This was on a tidy day a few months ago.

It's amazing what the right space can do for your creativity... I remember when I went from the kitchen/spare room with no natural light, to a dedicated room for my jewellery making and the creativity that gushed out that first year (now 7 years ago!). This studio has been more about the most efficient/productive use of space (I've acquired rather a lot of toys since that first move & I literally race around my Studio at times). Also, about light! On a gloomy autumn day, I love spending the day in my little "daylight hub". I will share a little more about the workshop soon - about designing the space and a fun picture log of my transitioning work spaces in the last 9!!! years.

Here's to finding the right creative space for all of us!


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