Marking 10 Years! with my Changing Work Spaces

Marking 10 Years! with my Changing Work Spaces

June 2020 marks 10 years of “business” for me. It certainly didn’t start as a business, even once I started selling online in 2010.

It started with a trip to a bead shop in 2008 which then turned into attempts to drill sea shells; and I remember my attempts to cut an oven tray (it went predictably badly!) in 2009. In 2010, I needed an outlet for all the things I was creating so I thought I'd have a go at selling them - for fun!

10 years on, I am thankful for not having to rely on someone else employing me; for the ability to generate my own income doing something creative; for the joys of working in a beautiful space that's all mine! To mark these joyful & absolutely bonkers 10 years, here are 10 years’ worth of my changing work spaces.

Which do you like best?

2010: Working on the floor and the dining table at our flat by Brighton seafront. This was making ear wires on my laptop!

 2011: Experimenting on the kitchen work top; it's a good thing I don't cook!

2012: An upgrade to the spare bedroom! I remember jumping up and down with glee once we cleared out the sofa bed!

 2012: This is what I now call terrible lighting!

2013: The start of turning the spare bedroom in our newly purchased flat into a workshop/studio. That carpet didn't last long!

2015: Almost there! This was before some more equipment. We re-arranged this room about 10 times to accommodate my ever multiplying tools and needs.

2020: Bliss! I haven't run out of space YET!


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