Artists Open Houses, May 2023

Artists Open Houses, May 2023

Artists Open Houses (AOH) festival in Brighton has been running for 41 years and is the original that started the trend in many other locations in the UK and worldwide. I remember our very first festival in 2010. We were fascinated to visit artists’ homes and received a warm welcome in each and every one. We were intrigued by the colour gradient bookshelves (why would you do it any other way?!), and stopped for tea and cake in one of the lovely gardens. AOH very much embraces the inclusive, welcoming, art-sy spirit of Brighton.

Mantle shelf on books at an Artists Open House

Book Mantle in one of the Artists Open Houses

A couple of years later in 2012, I was thrilled  to be invited as a guest artist (with my then budding little collection of jewellery) to Ravenswood, artist Jo Riddell’s open house. It was an amazing experience to be a part of the festival on the inside, and through this, I met established artists, and got into a gallery. It is such an inclusive and supportive network, and was a huge boost to my confidence at the time.

Chandelier decorated with Colourful Origami Cranes

Origami Crane Chandelier at an Artists Open House

Through AOH, artists get to sell original work on their own terms affordably. As a visitor, it’s an opportunity to experience Brighton at its best and acquire amazingly unique art and creations. I don’t own as much art as I would love to, but of the few pieces I do, many were purchased during an AOH festival. Speaking to the artists in-person is compelling, and often leads to connections that you won’t get from other settings.

Sculpture above my work bench in the studio

Sculpture "The Keeper of Memories" by James Fenner above My Workbench

This year, after many years as a guest artist, Rob and I are hosting our own Artists Open House! Our home and studio will be open all weekends in May and I have a small collection of guest artists joining me. We're looking forward to turning our lounge into a mini gallery! We are very centrally located in a residential street just a 3 minute walk from Brighton station, just a 5 minute walk from the North Laine with its independent shops, galleries and cafes. We are part of the “Seven Dials” trail – a group of 15 artists’ homes all open within a few minutes’ walk of each other. Plus of course, we’re part of the almost 200 open houses this year Brighton-wide. 

Quote in a speech bubble within a decorated matchbox

Matchbox Quote; Another Favourite AOH Find in My Studio

The best thing about the Open Houses is that there is something for every budget! See if you can spot some of my AOH favourites when you visit my Studio during open houses this May!

Here's a little more about what to expect at ours: ByChanchala


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