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Sri Lanka

I've avoided speaking about it but I don't want social media to just be about the gloss and not about the every day or the momentous that affects our lives. Two weeks ago terrorists set off consecutive bombs in Sri Lanka killing children and families - targeting Catholics at worship and what they claimed to be Christian foreign tourists. There was no point to this tragedy. Nothing was done that made either the country nor the victims deserving of this. Sri Lanka has nothing to do with whatever their agenda is. The only reason they targeted Sri Lanka was that after a harrowing decades-old war with many suicide bombings, it was starting to recover. After several decades of watching for suspicious packages, 10 years of peace had lulled the country into a sense of peace & safety. Security was lapse, officials were negligent. A soft target of peaceful people going about their lives.

I hope Sri Lanka realizes that the aim was to divide where there were no divisions. Most of my friends were Muslims growing up in Colombo. I happened to attend a "Buddhist" school - it even had the word "Buddhist" in its name - but it was full of followers of Islam. While there have been some religious tensions, for the most part the many religions in the country trudge along together. I'm jealous when I see the glorious sunshine, the lush greenery and the golden beaches that I grew up with every day that I now miss dearly. Nowhere feels like home the way the crazy chaos of Colombo does. No people feel as close to my heart as Sri Lankans. It's easy to be so far away from it all and make statements but let's not start applying labels where WE HAD NONE.

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